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- Specially built for excavators
‑ High precision
‑ Avoid overload fines by loading right in the first place
‑ Reduce haulage cost avoiding underload
‑ Reduce cycle times at the weighing bridge
‑ Track loading efficiency
‑ Help stock and sales tracking
‑ USB data transfer at no extra cost
‑ End-to-end management of the payload process, with print out of the delivery tickets and data sent to billing system in real time using wireless cellular technology
‑ Real time, web-based consultation of loading and production data from any work station, tablet or smart phone
‑ High-speed thermal printing
- Plant and truck simultaneous loading (multitasking)
‑ Operator ID login with autolocking if not authorized
- Diverse tool calibrations
‑ Multiple weighing modes: Incremental, Target, Vehicle, Recipe and Split Weighing
‑ Worldwide factory trained support backup
‑ 3 years warranty, best in the industry


Hardware Data Management
  • Power Supply: 9 - 36 VDC
  • Working Temperature: 40℉ to 176℉
  • Measurement Error (%): 0 +3
  • Load Shock: Tested to 40G
  • Protection Class: Device IP54, sensors IP67
  • Dimensions: 5.5 x 8 x 2.6 in
  • Display: HD color TFT
  • Ambient Daylight Sensor: Day/Night automatic display brightness
  • Keyboard: Membrane, lighted
  • Text Editing: Mobile phone type
  • Printer Port: RS232
  • Modem Port: RS232
  • USB Port: USB read/write
  • Remote keys: Optional
  • Products: Yes,100
  • Customers (+addresses) Yes,1200
  • Vehicle IDs with target to load: Yes,1200
  • Destinations (+ addresses): Yes,1000
  • Carriers (+addresses): Yes,800
  • Recipe for Blending Options: Yes, 15
  • Loading Company: Yes
  • Operator IDs: Yes,100
  • Loading on hold: Yes,25
  • Loading Site Name: Yes
  • USB Data Transfer: Yes, included
  • TrackWeight Cellular: Yes, optional
  • Wi-Fi Modem: Yes, optional
  • Ipotweb Web-based Software: Yes, optional