Superior Passport™ Conveyor

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  • Mobility combined with telescopic technology allows users to fill multiple hatches from one feed point.
  • Maintaining a single feed point reduces constant relocation, speeding the loading process.
  • In addition, the conveyor's luffing action allows it to adjust to tides and diverse ship sizes.
  • At rates up to 5,000 tons per hour, we manufacture the highest capacity radial telescopic conveyor.
  • This versatile machine performs numerous functions including loading, unloading and stockpiling.


Time of Operation Class II (1.5 SF or 16 hour shift)
Environment Coastal
Finish Galvanized or Epoxy
Operating Tonnage 500-5,000 TPH
Belt Width 36" - 72"
Belt Thickness 3/4" MOR Grain or Wood Chip
Primary Belt Scraper Mine Duty Belt Scraper
Secondary Belt Scraper Mine Duty Belt Scraper
Pulleys Mine Duty 2.0
Pulley Lagging 1/2" HBR
Motor Severe Duty
Gearing Right Angle/Direct Coupled
Bearings SAF Pillow Block
Take-ups Heavy Duty Take-up
Idlers 6" CEMA C, D and E
Skirting/Load Area 5' - 10' with Sealing System
Remote Greasing Recommended
Movement Horn Available
Zero Speed Switch Recommended
Mis-Alignment Switch Recommended
E-Stop and Cable Recommended
Rip Detection Switch Recommended
Area Lighting Available
Tracks Available
Portability FD Axle, Pit Portable Axle, Fixed Radial Axle
Guarding/Handrails Painted Safety Yellow
Discharge Hoods Recommended, Telescoping Chutes Available
Hood and Skirting Liners 3/8" AR 400
Belt and Wind Covers Recommended for Dust