KPI-JCI Comparison (1800 vs 1892)

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For a complete custom engineered fines recovery or specialty sand production plant, KPI-JCI offers dewatering screens, classifying cyclones, dewatering cyclones, pumps, attrition cells, density classifiers & sieve bend screens.  Building on KPI-JCI’s tradition of being a single source supplier, the addition of these products to the traditional washing & classifying product line gives KPI-JCI the ability to provide the equipment necessary to meet virtually any processing goals.


Series 1800 Feature/Description Series 1892
Capital Cost  
Operating Cost – Power Consumption  
Maintenance & Wear Cost  
Ease of Operation  
Water Consumption  
  Water Recovery
  “Overflow” Split Point Efficiency and/or
Recovery Efficiency of Desired Fine Material
  Moisture Content of Product
  Finer Overflow Split Point (if dewatering
cyclones are utilized)