Generac Magnum MMG 330 Mobile Generator Interim Tier 4

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Moving Forward - Keeping Pace with Emissions Technology

Reliable engine performance and reduced emissions walk hand in hand in Magnum Generator models as we keep pace with emissions technology meeting required emissions regulations. The MMG 330 is powered by an Interim Tier 4 John Deere PowerTech engine.
Making the Difference - DOC/DPF Exhaust Filter

The MMG 330 is powered by a John Deere PowerTech engine which utilizes a catalyzed exhaust filter that contains a Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC) and a Diesle Particulate Filter.(DPF) The DOC reacts with exhaust gases to reduce the carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and some particulate matter(PM). The downstream DPF traps and holds the remaining PM, which are oxidized within the DPF through a continuous process called passive regeneration.


Voltage regulation is plus or minus 1%
459 gallon fuel capacity standard for 23 hours of run time - full load
Air filter condition indicator on control panel
2 year - 2,000 hour warranty
Low coolant shutdown


White aluminum textured powder coat enclosure, sound attenuated baffles and insulation to reduce noise, 68 dBA at prime
Fully lockable enclosure with stainless steel exterior hardware
Industrial strength steel skid frame and dual axle trailer
Central lift structure and convenient ladder on center of generator

Microprocessor Controlled for Easy Operation

Engine & generator protection with our Advanced Digital Controller
Fuel pressure monitoring
Oil pressure monitoring
Coolant monitoring
Battery voltage monitoring
Gen voltage monitoring
Overspeed monitoring
Over/under current monitoring
Generator over/under frequency monitoring

Easy to Use

Link /Reconnect Board
Electronic governor
Lugs and lug box safety switch, if cover is opened circuit breaker is tripped
Several convenience outlets with individual breakers
Durable external emergency E-stop switch
External fuel fill with lockable cap
Automatic remote start capable, located on control panel


Output Pending CSA  
3 Phase - Standby kW (kVA) 290 (363)
Amps 480V (208V) 437 (1008)
3 Phase - Prime kW (kVA) 262 (329)
Amps 480V (208V) 396 (913)
1 Phase - Standby kW (kVA) N/A
Amps 240V N/A
1 Phase - Prime kW (kVA) N/A
Amps 240V N/A
AC Voltage 1-phase N/A
AC Voltage 3-phase 208, 480
Frequency Hz 60
Power Factor .8 ( 3 Phase)
Generator - Brand / Type / Insulation Marathon / Brushless / H
Sound (dB(A) 23 ft @ prime)  
Size and Weight  
Skid Mounted - L x W x H in (m) 171 x 60 x 90
Dry Weight lbs (kg) 9447 (4285)
Operating Weight lbs (kg) 12907 (5854)
Trailer Mounted - L x W x H in (m) 230 x 102 x 110
Dry Weight lbs (kg) 12320 (5588)
Operating Weight lbs (kg) 15780 (7158)
Type Interim Tier IV
Brand John Deere PE6090HFG95
Aspiration Turbo
Power - Prime @ 1800 rpm hp (kWm) 396 (295)
Displacement cubic in (L) 549 (9.0)
Cylinders 6
Speed rpm 1800
Fuel Consumption - Prime gph (Lph) 18.7
Fuel Tank gal (L) 459 (1738)
Approximate Run Time hrs 23
Coolant qt (L) 75.0 (70.9)
Electrical Distribution  
Battery - 12V 2 - 12V 1000 CCA
Main Circuit Breaker Size A 1200
Voltage Selection Link/Reconnect Board
Voltage Regulation +/-1%
120V - 20A GFI Duplex Outlets - qty 2
240V - 30A Twist Lock Outlets - qty N/A
240V - 50A Twist Lock Outlets - qty 3
Number of Axles 2
Capacity - Axle Rating lbs (kg) 8000 (3629)
Tire Size in 17.5
Brakes Electric
Hitch 3" Ring
Maximum Tire Pressure psi 125
Powertrain (Engine/Gen) • 60/40 Coolant
  • SuperStart Generator
Controls • 4 Position Phase Switch
  • Analog Gauges
  • Cam Locks
Cabinet/Fuel Tank • 36 hr Fuel Tank
  • Containment
  • Interior Cabinet Light
  • Control Panel Light
  • Fire Extinguisher