Pro Wash Master

prowashmaster full

Fab Tec is your productivity partner with the Pro Wash Master -
- the only self contained Wash Plant on the market with the feed system on-board and ready to go to work.

Fab Tec Pro Wash Master Plants feature a full length water manifold which includes:

  • Easy hook-up to your water source
  • Individual control valves for each waterbar
  • Replaceable brass nozzles

Fab Tec craftsmanship gives you reliability with less maintenance, better operator safety, and the confidence of owning the best.

All Fab Tec plants include sandblasted chassis, rust inhibitor primer and two finish coats of acrylic-alkyd enamel for superior weather resistance.

Fab Tec protects your workers with guards and enclosures throughout.

Fab Tec plants have AR plate lining at all material contact points, such as discharge chutes that protect your investment from wear and tear.