Fab Tec Screen Plants

fabtec screenplant full

Our feed box and discharge lips are lined with abrasion resisting plate.

The Incline's screen box is held together by huck-bolts. Huck-bolts are the strongest mechanical fasteners known, eliminating threads that strip and welds that might crack.

All our screens come complete with rubber screen cloth protector and clamp bars.

TEFC electric motor with pivot motor base and 3 RB power band belt. Safety guards provided.

The PRO INCLINE SCREEN also offers the end tension wire deck for high performance of fine screening.

Cartridge-style machined steel bearing housing 1 1/4" wall thickness. 3/4" grade 8# bolts with L9 washers and self locking nuts. Clamp bearing housing to screen sides. A slip fit on shaft and press fit in cartridge type housings makes removal easy and also gives the best bearing performance.

Lubrication goes right to the center of the bearing through alemite grease fittings in the bearing housing. The groove and holes in the inner bearing allow even distribution of new grease to the bearing.

Eccentric shaft is 4150 stress proof shafting. Eccentric weights are clamped to the eccentric shaft, add-on weight are supplied to adjust the amplitude of the screen action.

Eccentric shaft housing is a heavy duty 8" mechanical tube with 1/2" wall thickness.

5160-H Alco steel springs to isolate screen vibration.

All replacement parts are off-the-shelf, made in the USA, high quality components.