FabTec Portable Radial Stacker

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Portable Radial Stacker
24" x 80' to 42" x 115' Radial Stackers fold at both ends for travel.
Standard over-the-top or side fold options
Standard 5th wheel plate for easy transportation.
Hydraulic power raise and radial travel.
41" Truss frame.

Fab Tec uses only top leading brands: Dodge bearings, Falk shaft mount reducers, Precision idlers, and Teco TEFC motors. All components are readily available.

Fab Tec Radial Stacker axle assemblies are designed to suit your needs and load requirements.

Power jacking system to assist transferring wheels from radial to forward or reverse is optional.

Fab Tec Radial Stackers feature a 5' Recieving Hopper with adjustable skirt board wipers and wear strips in hopper.

Fab Tec Radial Stackers have a rugged 3/8" plate pivot stand assembly.

Fab Tec Radial Stackers Up to 115' are highly portable and highway legal, which fold at both ends.


28” Truss Construction:
C8 x 11.5# Channel main rail
2 x 2 Tube steel top rail
C4 x 5.4# Channel verticals
3” SCH. 40 Pipe cross members
Belt Sizes:
18” x 12’ TO 48” x 80’
At 350 fpm belt speed, basic capacities include up to 300 tph at 24" belt width; up to 600 tph at 30" belt width; and up to 900 tph at 36" belt width.