Gyratory Crusher Wearparts

gyratoryGyratory Crusher Wearparts

ESCO’s improved designs, tested alloys and superior local service provide gyratory wear parts solutions for the crushing industry. ESCO offers gyratory crusher accessories, including rim liners, spider caps and spider arm liners. The combination of ESCO mantles and concave segments ensures maximum production, increased wear component life and reduced maintenance. Mantles are available in a variety of styles to match specific applications. Concave segments are designed for easy installation and replacement to reduce maintenance and downtime. There are multiple design options to ensure the best performance.

ESCO's gyratory crusher wearparts offer:

  • Faster replacement and longer lasting wear parts  increases uptime.

  • Longer component life means more crusher availability.

  • More efficient crushing increases throughput providing more quality products and less waste

ESCO Concave Segments

Double high segments allow two rows of ESCO concaves to replace four rows of standard OEM designs. The difference means fewer pieces to handle for fast replacement.

ESCO concaves are larger than the competition, for fewer pieces to handle – resulting in less time to remove old segments and install new ones. Larger castings generally have a lower cost per pound, resulting in a lower price per pound in production. Eight ESCO concaves replace 12 per-row segments of standard OEM concaves, reducing the total from 48 to 16 and reducing seams that can wear and increase maintenance costs.

Pin or Key Concaves

Tapered dowel pins are driven between concaves forcing them outward to make contact with the top shell and create even spacing. The key concave has parallel sides and is easily removed with a wedge. Once the key concave is out, the remainder is easily removed.

Mantles for Every Application

Consult an ESCO crushing expert to match the right configuration to specific crushing needs.