Specialized Equipment

primaryPrimary Clay Crushers - specifically designed as the primary crushing unit for shale and clay processing operations. Designed to provide the benefits of a cutter, hammermill, and crusher in one compact unit. Complete with Eagle’s own heavy-duty single input-double output gear reducer along with tough manganese steel cutters to provide long lasting, trouble-free production. Three models available; capacities up to 200 tph and 8:1 reduction. Please see Catalog Bulletin “370” for more details.

Attrition Mills - designed to remove coatings (or color stains) adhering to sand grains. As sand enters the feed cell of the Attrition Mill, the turbine blade propellers force the material grains to abrade each other constantly while moving the material from cell to cell within the machine. All parts which receive wear are made of wear-resistant material. Two, four and six cell units are available. Please see Catalog Section “N” for more details.

Swintek® Dredging Ladders - feature a rugged chain that is equipped with cutter bars to agitate the deposit and break through clay strata for increased intake of solids. The traveling heavy-duty chain screens the intake nozzle, keeping out oversize and debris thus eliminating pump damage and shutdowns from clogged lines. Sizes and types for all dredging conditions. Please see Catalog Section “K-S” for more details.


Fines Recovery Units

finesFinemizer® Cyclones - provide an economical and efficient method for recovery of fine sand that might otherwise be lost in the overflow of various types of material washers and classifiers. Capacity and efficiency increased by Eagle’s “long sweep” design. Ni-Hard chromium-nickel alloy wear parts assure long service life. Three models available. Please see Catalog Section “G” for more details.

Sloped Plate Clarifiers - removes solids from wash water before recycling or disposal. Its multiple sloped plate design provides a larger settling area than most conventional bowl clarifiers while requiring less installation space. By adding a polymer flocculent to the slurry, the suspended solids cling together and drop out faster. Clear water overflows the top, to be used again in plant operations. Multiple models available; capacities up to 1,600 gpm @ 5 to 10% solids by weight. Please see Catalog Section “P” for more details.


Lightweight Removal Equipment

lightweightCoarse Material Washers w/ Trash Remover - Normally used for washing coarse aggregate products, can also be used in the removal of buoyant deleterious materials such as twigs and roots. Removal of buoyant materials is accomplished by the jigging action of the rotating paddles and the design of the trash remover end to suspend materials of less density into the overflow waste water for removal. Please see Catalog Section “D” for more details.

Slurry Refuse Separators® - Designed for removal of deleterious material lighter than 1.3 specific gravity. SRS unit is a modified Fine Material Washer that recirculates a slurry of fine sand through the bottom inlet. The rising column of high gravity fluids brings lightweight foreign particles to the surface and flushes them across a vibrating screen. Reject is scalped off and fine sand is pumped back into the washer and augered out. Please see Catalog Section “E” for more details.

Vari-Stroke® Jigs - Designed for removal of undesirable material in the 1.3 to 2.0 specific gravity range. Material fed into the Vari-Stroke® Jig is moved across a punched steel plate. Water is pulsed through the punched plate to stratify material. The lightweight, undesirable material is skimmed off the top and the good sound material is removed from the bottom. The Jig’s stroke can be easily changed for the size of material being cleaned. Please see Catalog Section “E” for more details.