Sol-Clay Washers

solclayEagle Sol-Clay (Soluble Clay) Washers provide an economical aggressive scrubbing unit that falls between the capabilities of the Eagle Coarse Material Washer and the Eagle
Log Washer. The Eagle Sol-Clay unit is very effective in cleaning materials that contain large quantities of stubborn soluble clays.

The Eagle Sol-Clay Washer employs intermeshing corrugated paddles that run the entire length of each shaft. As the paddles cut and move the material forward, particle on particle scrubbing is achieved. The softer clays are broken down into a soluble slurry  by the abrading and grinding of the harder sound product material. Water can be added to the perforated manifold to assist in the flushing of dissolved materials through the side discharge gates. Material from the Sol-Clay Washer should be followed by a rinsing screen to remove film and residual matter from
the product.

Eagle Sol-Clay Washer Features

Eagle Gear Reducer

• Designed & built at Eagle facilities
• Heavy-duty design with heat-treated helical gears
• 100% of the shaft's thrust load carried by the output shafts
• Oil bath lubrication for maintenance-free operation
• Drive guards standard equipment

Conveyor Shafts
• Intermeshing shafts provide maximum rock on rock scrubbing
• Feature high grade, one piece, thick walled steel tubing
• Paddle mounting spuds and flanged ends submerged arc welded

Scrubbing Paddles
• Replaceable Ni-Hard scrubbing paddles, 600 Brinell hardness
• Feature corrugated face for additional scrubbing capabilities
• Three bolt fastening system provides solid connection to mounting spuds

Washer Tub
• Fabricated with thick gauge steel
• Rising Current Manifold
• Spherical-roller rear grease bearings
• Flanged overflow gates control the depth of the water in the tub
• Flanged clean-out ports for maintenance and winterization purposes

Optional Equipment
• Discharge Chute
• Safety Cover
• Pillow Block Rear Bearings

Sol-Clay Washer Capacities

Washer Size
Mat'l Size
Elec Motor
Wt. (lb)
Mach. Oper.
Wt. (lb)
24” Dia. x 18’ 30 to 60 2” 25-250 40 48 9,000 17,700
36” Dia. x 25’ 50 to 125 2 1/2” 50-500 60 to 75 32 22,600 40,800
36” Dia. x 30’ 50 to 125 2 1/2” 50-500 75 to 100 32 25,800 53,600
38” Dia. x 30’ 60 to 140 2 1/2” 50-500 75 to 100 32 27,000 54,800