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The vkiosk brings unparalleled automation to the sector, cutting running costs drastically and paying for itself in just a few months. With vkiosk, vehicles entering the loading site, whether it’s a quarry, construction site or landfill site, are controlled through manual or automatic vehicle recognition. This provides direct control over all vehicles operating in the site, and the opportunity to deny authorization as necessary. But vkiosk is not just a simple access control system, as once a vehicle has been recognized, all associated data, such as the customer name, vehicle registration number, weight and product is sent wireless to the loading machine. This means the driver no longer needs to get out to give these details to the loader operator, and the latter doesn’t have to enter data for the vehicle being loaded because it is already contained in the wireless data received from the vkiosk when the vehicle entered the site. Once the vehicle has been loaded, the loader operator, by deleting the running total on the scale, sends a message to the vkiosk specifying the weight actually loaded so when the vehicle is recognized at the exit, the driver receives the delivery docket automatically.


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