Trail King Advantage Bottom Dump

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Full-Width Fenders, both front and rear, are sloped to shed material more effectively.

Lightweight Crossbraces tie the frame together in a way that minimizes the flexing and twisting that can cause cracking in critical stress areas.

Large Air Reservoir, with air system oiler, means longer operating time and better control.



22,500 lb. axles
16½" x 7" air brakes 
**Anti-lock brake system
8.25 x 22.5 disc wheels
11R22.5 14PR radial tires
Oil seals
Multi-leaf spring suspension
18" kingpin setting 
Oscillating kingpin plate
8" gate cylinders
Versa valve control with handle
Open-close gate control from cab
Automatic slack adjusters
100,000/80,000 psi high yield steel unitized frame construction
Mid-turn signal/clearance light
Rubber mounted sealed lights and sealed harness system
Electrical system per DOT regulations
7-pole electrical socket
Mud flaps
Red & white conspicuity markings
Color: Trail King 2-part polyurethane
Pin-type landing gear
Front and rear striker plates

  * All specifications are subject to change without notice.
** To meet 1997 federal requirements, Trail King offers two variations of the anti-lock braking system. The minimum 2S1M system is available, but Trail King recommends the 4S2M system.