Komatsu PC45MR-3

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Performance and Versatility
• Standard auxiliary hydraulics
• Standard thumb mounting bracket
• Three track options: rubber, steel, roadliner
• Automatic two-speed travel
• ISO/SAE pattern change valve
• Optional Power Angle blade

Operator Comfort
• Large operator platform
• Adjustable suspension seat with retractable seat belt
• Pilot proportional joystick controls
• Easy entry and egress
• Low noise

Service and Maintenance
• Wide opening engine hood and side covers
• Side-by-side radiator and oil cooler are easily inspected
• Grease points for work equipment are on the same side of the boom and arm
• Tilt-forward operator’s station provides full access to engine and hydraulic components
• Hydraulic hoses are alpha-numerically marked or color coded making them easy to identify

KOMTRAX® equipped machines can send location, SMR and operation maps to a secure website utilizing wireless technology.

Value, Durability, and Strength
• KOMTRAX® wireless equipment monitoring system
• High strength X-track frame
• Castings are used for boom foot, tip, and swing yoke
• Large diameter swing pin
• Reinforced arm
• O-ring face seal hydraulic fittings
• Moisture/dust resistant electrical connectors

Peace of Mind
• Two-post ROPS canopy or ROPS cab
• Neutral engine start system
• Excellent visibility enhances job site awareness
• Low emission Komatsu engine with dual element air cleaner
• One key operates the ignition and all machine locks


Operator Station
• Spacious canopy/cab with unobstructed floor provides the operator with ample leg room
• Folding travel pedals
• Upper rail sliding door (cab models)
• Air conditioning provides a comfortable operating space throughout the year (cab models)
• Two-post ROPS canopy provides unequalled visibility
• Fully adjustable suspension seat reduces operator fatigue
• PPC joystick controls are low effort and provide fine control
• Gauges and indicator lights are easy to read
Tight Tail Swing
The operator can focus more on the work in front and worry less about rear swing clearance, even in confined areas with only an 80 mm 3.1" projection over the tracks.
Pattern Change Valve
Whether you are comfortable with ISO or SAE, you can easily change from one to the other.
Excellent Visibility
The operator’s station design allows the operator to maintain a 360° field-of-view.
Tilt-Up Operator Compartment
The operator compartment tilts forward for easy access to hydraulic and engine components.
Wide Opening Engine Hood and Side Covers
Allow easy access for daily checks and regular maintenance.
High Strength X-Track Frame
The strong X-track frame is a large hydraulic excavator concept and deters the buildup of dirt and debris, saving the operator valuable time when cleaning the machine.
Neutral Engine Start System
Locks out drives and hydraulics during machine start up.
Manual Selector Valve
Allows the operator to switch between one-way (Breaker) and two-way auxiliary hydraulic flow (Thumb).
Large Diameter Swing Pin
Has high durability and maintains suitable clearances between pin and bushing after long-term operation.