Komatsu PC210LC-10 Super Long Front

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Working Mode Selection

The PC210LC-10 excavator is equipped with six working modes (P, E, L, B, ATT/P and ATT/E). Each mode is designed to match engine speed, pump flow, and system pressure to the application. The PC210LC-10 features a new mode (ATT/E) which allows operators to run attachments while in Economy mode.

Eco-Gauge Assists with Energy Saving Operations

The Eco-gauge and new fuel consumption gauge are viewed on the right side of the color monitor and assist the operator in maintaining low fuel consumption and environment friendly operation.

KDPF Regeneration Notification

The LCD color monitor panel provides the operator with the status of the KDPF regeneration, without interfering with daily operation.
When the machine initiates active regeneration an icon will appear to notify the operator.

Manual Stationary Regeneration

Under most conditions, active regeneration will occur automatically with no effect on machine operation. In case the operator needs to disable active regeneration or initiate a manual stationary regeneration, this can be easily accomplished through the monitor panel. A soot level indicator is displayed to show how much soot is trapped in the KDPF.

Abnormalities Display with Code

When an abnormality occurs an error code is displayed on the monitor. When an important code is displayed, a caution lamp blinks and warning buzzer sounds to alert the operator to take action. The monitor also stores a record of abnormalities for more effective troubleshooting.

ROPS Cab Design

The PC210LC-10 is equipped with an integrated ROPS cab as standard equipment. The cab also meets OPG Top Guard Level 1 requirements.

Rear-view Monitoring System (standard)

On the large LCD color monitor the operator can view the image from one camera that will display areas directly behind the machine. An optional 2-camera system is available.

Efficient Hydraulic System

The PC210LC-10 uses a Closed Center Load Sensing (CLSS) hydraulic system that improves fuel efficiency and provides quick response to the operator's demands. The PC210LC-10 also introduces new technology to enhance the engine and hydraulic pump control. This total control system matches the engine and hydraulics at the most efficient point under any load condition. There have also been improvements in the main valve and hydraulic circuit to reduce hydraulic loss, resulting in higher efficiency and lower fuel consumption.

Large High Resolution LCD Monitor Panel

A new large, user-friendly, high resolution LCD color monitor enables accurate and smooth work. Screen visibility and resolution are further improved compared to the previous LCD monitor panel. The switches and function keys are easy to operate and provide simple navigation through the monitor screens.
Data is displayed in 25 languages to support operators around the world.


The details in this specification brochure are based on Dash 8 and Dash 10 models as indicated. Some attachments may be installed on prior models but specifications may vary. Contact Young Corporation for details.

■ Variations to the specifications in this brochure can be designed and produced in accordance with customer requirements by contacting Young Corporation with details.

■ SUPER LONG FRONT ATTACHMENTS are designed for “LIGHT DUTY” work only. Excavating work or heavy hoisting may result in side loads and other activities that will damage the machine.

■ Disassembly may be required due to transport restrictions.

■ Illustrations may include optional equipment.

■ Operating weights include additional counterweight when required.