Komatsu PC1250-8

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● Heavy Lift Mode
Heavy lift mode increases lifting force by 10%.

● Large Digging Force
High operation efficiency with large digging force for severe applications.

● Two-mode Setting for Boom
Switch selection allows either powerful digging or smooth boom operation.

● Twin Swing Motor System provides excellent swing performance, even on slopes.

● Large Drawbar Pull and Steering Force
provide excellent mobility.

● Swing Priority Mode
Swing priority mode improves efficiency for loading dump trucks at 90° or 180° swing angles.

● Shockless Boom
Switch selection reduces chassis vibration after sudden stops.


● Booms and arms are constructed of thick one-piece plates and large castings for extended service life

● Fuel Pre-filters with water separator equipped as standard

● O-ring Face Seals, which have excellent sealing performance, are used for the hydraulic hoses

● High-pressure In-line Filtration
The cool-running hydraulic system is protected with the most extensive filtration system available, including a high pressure in-line filter for each main pump.


● Easy Cleaning of Cooling Unit
Fan reverse-rotation function helps keep radiator and oil cooler clean.

● Centralized Arrangement of Engine Checkpoints

● Slip-resistant Plates for improved foot traction

● Large Handrails, Steps and Catwalk provide easy access to the engine, hydraulic equipment, and cab

● Highly Reliable Electronic Devices
Exclusively designed electronic devices have passed severe testing
• Controllers
• Sensors
• Connectors
• Heat resistant wiring
• Circuit breaker

● Boom Foot Hoses are arranged under the boom foot, improving hose life and safety


● Komatsu SAA6D170E-5 Engine is EPA Tier 3 Emissions Certified
• World’s first cooled EGR system with bypass-assist type electronically controlled venturi
• Offers high power and low fuel consumption, while conforming to EPA Tier 3 emission regulations
• Reduces NOx emissions by approximately 40%
• Equipped with an electronically controlled variable speed reversible fan

● Economy Mode Four-level Setting
Enables operator to select the appropriate Economy mode level to match production requirement with lowest fuel consumption.

● Reduction of Ambient Noise
• Electronically controlled variable speed fan drive
• Large hybrid fan
• Glasswool type low-noise muffler with noise reducing cover

Working Environment:
● Large Comfortable Cab
• Low noise and vibration with cab damper mounting
• Large-capacity automatic air conditioner
• Pressurized cab prevents external dust from entering
• OPG top guard level 2 is standard (ISO 10262)

Advanced Monitor Features:
• Machine condition can be checked with Equipment Management Monitoring System (EMMS)
• EMMS provides PM scheduling, error code, and failure diagnostic functions
• Two working modes combine with heavy lift mode for maximum productivity


Model   Komatsu SAA6D170E-5
Type   4-cycle, water-cooled, direct injection
Aspiration   Turbocharged, aftercooled, cooled EGR
Number of cylinders   6
Bore 6.69" 170 mm
Stroke 6.69" 170 mm
Piston displacement 1,413 in³ 23.15 ltr
Governor   All-speed, electronic
SAE J1995 - Gross 688 HP 514 kW
ISO 9249 / SAE J1349 - Net 672 HP 502 kW
Hydraulic fan at maximum speed - Net 620 HP 463 kW
Rated rpm   1800 rpm
Fan drive type   Hydraulic, variable speed, reversible
EPA Tier 3 and EU stage 3A emission certified.    
Hydraulic System    
Type   Open-center load sensing system
Number of selectable working modes   2
Main pump:    
Type   Variable capacity piston pumps
Pumps for   Boom, arm, bucket, swing, and travel circuits
Maximum flow:    
For implement and travel 2 x 130.5 U.S. gpm 2 x 494 ltr/min
For swing 1 x 158.5 U.S. gpm 1 x 600 ltr/min
Sub-pump for control circuit   Gear pump
Hydraulic motors:    
Travel   2 x axial piston motors with parking brake
Swing   2 x axial piston motors with swing holding brake
Relief valve setting:    
Implement circuits 4,550 psi 31.4 MPa
320 kg/cm²    
Travel circuit 4,980 psi 34.3 MPa
350 kg/cm²    
Swing circuit 3,910 psi 27.0 MPa
275 kg/cm²    
Pilot circuit 430 psi 2.9 MPa
30 kg/cm²    
Hydraulic cylinders:    
Cylinder / Number of cylinders Bore x Stroke Bore x Stroke
Boom / 2 8.9" x 94.1" 225 mm x 2390 mm
Arm / 1 9.8" x 95.9" 250 mm x 2435 mm
Std / 2 6.3" x 71.8" 160 mm x 1825 mm
SP / 2 6.3" x 76.8" 160 mm x 1950 mm
Swing System    
Driven by   2 x Hydraulic motor
Swing reduction   Planetary gear
Swing circle lubrication   Grease-bathed
Swing lock   Oil disc brake
Swing speed   5.5 rpm
Drives and Brakes    
Steering control   Two levers with pedals
Drive method   Fully hydrostatic
Travel motor   Axial piston motor, in-shoe design
Reduction system   Planetary double reduction
Maximum drawbar pull 154,320 lb 686 kN
70000 kg    
Gradeability   70%
Maximum travel speed:    
High 2.0 mph 3.2 km/h
Low 1.3 mph 2.1 km/h
Service brake   Hydraulic lock
Center frame   H-leg frame
Track frame   Box-section
Track type   Sealed
Track adjuster   Hydraulic
No. of shoes:    
Standard, SP, Shovel   48 each side
LC   55 each side
No. of carrier rollers   3 each side
No. of track rollers:    
Standard, SP, Shovel   8 each side
LC   10 each side
Center frame   H-leg frame
Track frame   Box-section
Track type   Sealed
Track adjuster   Hydraulic
No. of shoes:    
Standard, SP, Shovel   48 each side
LC   55 each side
No. of carrier rollers   3 each side
No. of track rollers:    
Standard, SP, Shovel   8 each side
LC   10 each side
Coolant and Lubricant Capacity refilling    
Fuel tank 359.3 US gal 1360 ltr
Radiator 37.5 US gal 142 ltr
Engine 22.7 US gal 86 ltr
Final drive, each side 5.5 US gal 21 ltr
Swing drive 2 x 6.4 US gal 2 x 24.3 ltr
Hydraulic tank 177.0 US gal 670 ltr
PTO 3.6 US gal 13.5 ltr