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Like all our compaction rollers, the JCB VM 200PD vibrating roller has been designed after a period of extensive customer consultation. That means we’ve built the machine our customers have always been asking for.

A superior chassis provides excellent weight distribution and axles are super-strong, making the JCB VM 200PD drum roller perfect for heavy-duty construction projects. The entire frame is intelligently designed with front-to-back oscillation for extra stability, there’s a flush finish for confined environments, a large fuel tank, and a sophisticated traction control system provides great gradability.

This vibrating roller also overcomes one of the biggest problems with standard compaction equipment: over-compaction. The Automatic Vibration Control (AVC) switches off vibration when the drive lever is is neutral position. That means smooth and perfect finish also at the layer ends.

Our innovative optional Compatronic system uses a drum-mounted accelerating sensor to measure movements during compaction, transmitting information loss-free to the operator’s in-cab display. As a result, operators can now receive precise information on vibrator frequency, jump operation and relative compaction values. Material density is also measured and, when the highest possible density is reached, the operator is warned via visual LEDs.

Best in class compaction comes as standard on the JCB VM 200PD vibrating roller.

Additional productivity features

  • Switchable frequency and amplitude to match different soil conditions and natural frequencies


Compaction Performance

Operating Weight
43431lb (19700kg)
Centrifugal Force


Maximum Engine Power
173hp (129kW)