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  • To guarantee ultimate performance in all conditions, the 3CX backhoe is equipped with 4WD as standard and a limited slip differential to ensure traction in the toughest conditions. 2WD can always be selected to reduce tyre wear while roading.
  • Because the boom and dipper are of equal length, it allows the operator to dig close up to the machine. This means less repositioning during trenching, saving valuable time and fuel.
  • This backhoe excels in both uneven terrain and confined spaces thanks to a winning combination of high ground clearance and an excellent turning circle.
  • Load retention is exceptional with the JCB 3CX’s 201° bucket rotation. Furthermore there’s a powerful slew to ensure fast and controllable backfilling.
  • The JCB is the only machine in its class to offer true self levelling on raise and lower of the loader arms as standard. This provides fast and accurate movement of palletised loads and maximises loads when using a bucket.
  • You can easily operate power-hungry attachments like breakers and patch planers with a JCB 3CX, courtesy of a high performance 32.5 g/min hydraulic pump.
  • Loader float as standard allows the operator too quickly and easily grade with the front bucket. Leaving sites flat and level every time.
  • With up to 40% greater breakout forces than their closest competitor it ensures JCB is the most productive low cost machine available.


Backhoe Specification

Maximum Dig Depth (ret/ext)
14' (4.24m)' / 18' (5.46m)"
Maximum Bucket Tearout
6324kgf (13,940lbf)
Maximum Dipper Tearout (ret/ext)
3217kgf (7092lbf)
Maximum Loader Height (ret/ext)
12' 7" (3.84m)' 15' 6" (4.72m)"

Loader Specification

Maximum Shovel Breakout
6,170kgf 13,600lbf
Shovel Capacity

Machine Specifications

Gross Engine Power
Operating Weight